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As soon as you arrive, we are at your side to make your stay unforgettable. Stunning beaches, mysterious desert, fascinating attractions, shopping malls: there is so much to discover in Dubai. Take full advantage of your free time, Kaishen frees you from organizational constraints.

Our Trusted Partners...

A specialist in taxation and finance based in Switzerland, MH Fiduciaire has been supporting its clients for more than 10 years by ensuring the protection of their interests while relieving them of administrative and accounting procedures.

Based in Geneva, SFM has been specializing in the formation of Offshore companies for 15 years. With a clientele spread over more than 80 countries, SFM's expertise in tax laws guarantees an Offshore creation in full compliance with different jurisdictions.

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Are you visiting Dubai or a permanent resident? Choose the Concierge formula that best suits your expectations. Whatever your choice, you can count on our full availability to satisfy your requests.

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