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Would you like to try our services without obligation? Choose our à la carte services. Kaishen offers you a complete quality service from a selection of 10 premium services.


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Flexi desk in Dubai

Our private offices for rent allow teams of all sizes to collaborate, develop and innovate in the heart of Dubai. Our solutions are flexible and adaptable to each specific and long-term needs.

Company domiciliation in the Emirates

Kaishen offers you the domiciliation of your company whatever its size and status.

Head office relocation to Dubai

The government of Dubai allows foreign investors to hold all the shares of their companies with a tax advantage. However, the relocation procedure is complex, there are several elements to take into consideration to make the operation a success. The presence of an expert team is essential.

Taxation in the Emirates

Taxation in Dubai is very advantageous, it is 0 tax and 5 % VAT. However, there are taxes to consider before settling in Dubai.
It is recommended to call on a team

Accounting in Dubai

It is essential to learn about accounting and auditing rules before settling in Dubai. It is for this reason that we strongly advise you to properly keep your company's accounts.

Discover our Premium Concierge Packages

Are you visiting Dubai or a permanent resident? Choose the Concierge formula that best suits your expectations. Whatever your choice, you can count on our full availability to satisfy your requests.

Professional networking in Dubai

Developing a professional network in Dubai takes time but above all a certain credibility. Our expert and PR manager helps you build an effective high-level network.

Administrative formalities in Dubai

To settle in Dubai and create your company, you would have to resort to a lot of administrative formalities. Kaishen facilitates this procedure by offering you an entire team to finalize your requests.

Media and Public Relations in the Emirates

Media and PR is an essential partner in the success of a business in Dubai. All Dubai companies that are growing have a Media & PR department with which you will have to collaborate.